Barberine Canyon

in Vallorcine

This very interesting canyon is divided into two parts: part 1, committed and sportive and part 2, more accessible and very busy in high season. Safety info:

Altitude : 1630 m.
Length: 500 m + 750 m.
Difficulty verticality: D
Difficulty level : 2
Length of rope needed : 2x40 m.
Approach time : 2h
Descent time : 2h30 + 2h
Return time : 10 min
Topo / map : 3630 OT Chamonix Mont Blanc
Technical advice : upstream dam, only the first part is steep and has few ways out.

Starting point altitude
Free of charge.
Opening dates
From 01/01 to 31/12.
Barberine Canyon

74660 Vallorcine