Mc Fly Chamonix

in Les Houches

Cyrilde, paragliding and speed-riding professional, will accompany you in the air. Tandem flights are accessible to all and possible every day if the weather permits.

Tandem paragliding flights all year round, speed-riding coaching in winter, discovering the air and flying in Chamonix is a unique experience that we will be happy to share with you. We will welcome you from the end of June on the Planards leisure park.

Tandem flights
A unique experience, accessible to all, you will simply be asked to run about ten meters to take off. Your pilot will take you for a flight where you will discover the valley with the eye of a bird! We will listen to you so that the flight is an unforgettable moment for you.
Every day when the weather permits.

A pair of skis, a small sail and 100% adrenaline... Speed riding opens a new dimension to skiing, that of 3D. The possibility to take off and then come back to carve curves offers the practitioner multiple possibilities.

If there are no prerequisites under sail (paragliding, kite or skydiving), it is however imperative to be a good skier, all snow, all terrain (level 3 ESF or equivalent). We only operate in off-piste areas where the snow is not groomed and skiing must be instinctive.
You must be 18 years old and have a civil liability insurance.
I will guide you to the option that best suits you. 2 day discovery insurance is available for 5 euros
From the discovery day to the improvement and the trip,
I offer you a "tailor-made" service, with days of commitment
with a maximum of 4 people. Pleasure, safety and conviviality, this is how I wish to share
I wish to share my passion for this activity.

Opening dates
All year round.
Mc Fly Chamonix
563 route des Granges
74310 Les Houches