Exhibition "Alpes en lumière" by Frédéric Margry, Mathilde Rietsch and Brian Pralou

in Argentière

"Alpes en lumière" gathers the works of three photographers who pursue the same goal: to highlight the beauty of the Alps. With light as a guideline, their color and black and white pictures will transport you to the high peaks.

"Alpes en lumière" is 3 photographers, 3 techniques and 3 views but with one and only goal: to highlight the beauty of the Alps.
Mathilde Rietsch works only with digital, Brian Pralou is a fan of film, Frédéric Margry alternates between the two techniques depending on the subject and the mood.
For Brian, this technique allows him to give meaning to his photographic practice and to control the process from beginning to end; to save on shooting, not to obtain the result instantly and to be satisfied with a paper print. In his shots, what guides him most is the particular light that can be admired in the mountains. Magnificent, furtive, it comes to sublimate the landscapes and to put forward the natural beauty of the places.
For Frédéric, the mountains have quickly become a place of meditation, of mediation but above all of contemplation. He loves the great outdoors, far from the city, stress and noise. Up there, time is no longer. The altitude and the summits allow him to refocus, to live in the present moment. The mountains are a magnificent means of escape where each ascent is a moment of wonder. Photography is above all an instrument by which he tries to testify an emotion, a sensation, a feeling before even sharing a vision.
Mathilde, for her part, appreciates the freedom and richness of the colors and atmospheres that digital photography allows her to capture. For her, mountains offer this feeling of power and at the same time of smallness and insignificance. They are majestic, bewitching, frightening but paradoxically so attractive. Inspired by the romantic paintings of the 19th century, she strives to transcribe the sublime aspect of the peaks in her shots and offers poetic and enchanting alpine views.

minimum age
10 years old
Free access.
Opening dates
From 04/07 to 28/09/2023 between 9.30 am and 6 pm.
Closed Monday and Sunday.
Closing time 12:00 to 14:00.
Exhibition "Alpes en lumière" by Frédéric Margry, Mathilde Rietsch and Brian Pralou
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