Maison de l'Alpage

in Servoz

Visit the "Maison de l’Alpage" to see the ITINERIO exhibition on "Agriculture and landscapes, the major transformations ".

Permanent exhibition: "Agriculture and landscapes, the major transformations".
Over the ages, the natural environment of the Chamonix Valley has been shaped by human activity. From the first shepherds to today's farmers, agriculture has been instrumental in the evolution of the landscape and the transformation of the valley, its natural areas, architecture, urban planning, traffic and transport.

Temporary exhibition: "The 1914-18 war for the people of Servoz".
An exhibition on the theme of the First World War, which explains the historical context of the war and pays tribute to the people of Servoz who died for France.

Free access.
Maison de l'Alpage
113 rue du Bouchet
74310 Servoz