Sustainable mountain destination

Lac des Chéserys

Let's protect our natural resources together

An exceptional and fragile territory

The Chamonix Valley is situated in an exceptional natural setting. Eternal snow, glaciers, mountain pastures, forests, high altitude lakes and wetlands, wherever you are, these landscapes are within your sight. The richness of the natural environment is characterised by a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna.

Very early on, local authorities became aware of the special nature of their environment and its fragility by carrying out numerous actions. Today, this competence has been taken over by the Community of Communes of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley, which wishes to reconcile the protection of the environment, human activities and public awareness by carrying out actions for the protection, management and enhancement of natural areas with its partners.


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Responsible attitude :

  • Swimming and navigation prohibited Lac Blanc and Chéserys Lakes by prefectural decree

Why protect them ?

  • Because high-altitude lakes are fragile.
  • Because sunscreens and other products are pollutants for these environments.


Lacs des Chéserys

Online bivouac booking !

Responsible attitudes :

  • Take a minute to book your bivouac here (limited occupancy)
  • Don't leave any trace of your passage
  • basic camping (with or without a tent)
  • one night only (only between 7pm and 9am)
  • Fires are not allowed
  • The use of speakers is forbidden
  • Rubbish and toilet paper must be brought down

Why register ?

  • To preserve the natural environment
  • To find out where you are allowed to bivouac

Marked trails

Responsible attitudes

  • Stay on the marked trails and avoid cutting corners
  • Take your breaks in rocky areas close to the trails and avoid trampling the vegetation


  • To preserve the fragile vegetation
  • To avoid soil erosion


You are in a fragile natural environment surrounded by exceptional fauna and flora. To limit our collective impact and continue to enjoy these beautiful places, here are a few simple guidelines:

  • No littering of any kind is permitted, take your rubbish with you

  • Please be discreet and stay away from the wildlife

Flocon vert Label

Logo Flocon Vert The Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley is committed to numerous measures linked to sustainable development and the energy and ecological transition, such as the Green Snowflake.
Flocon Vert is a label guaranteeing the sustainable commitment of mountain tourist destinations.
The Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley was one of the first three destinations to be awarded the Green Flock in 2013.

Also obtained in 2015 and 2018, the destination is keen to renew its commitment in 2022 in this continuous improvement process, led by the Community of Communes of the Chamonix Valley in collaboration with various players in the area including the Intercommunal Tourist Office and the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc.