Ide-ô - reconnexion à la nature - bains de forêt

in Les Houches

Ide-ô is an organization which works with individuals, schools and organizations (companies, associations, communities). It uses connection to nature to promote interest in environmental responsibility.

It is an answer to eco-anxiety, and allows everyone to be more responsible and caring towards people and nature.

It offers :
-Times of immersion in nature, for young and old alike (activities which are quite adapted to seminars).
Exploration of our sensitive connection to nature through sensory, energetic and creative activities,
- Forest baths for everyone
A forest bath is a time to look within oneself : body awakening, sensory awakening, meditation and trees energy are on the agenda.
- Workshops to raise awareness to eco-citizenship and environmental responsibility.
Through our sensitive link to nature and through collective knowledge, we explore the means to reduce our impact on environment and the ways to create our future world.

60€ per hour, for one guide and a group of ten people
Opening dates
All year round.
She offers Forest Bathes on demand all year round, weekly Qi Gong classes, thematic classes and workshops.
She teaches all types of public : children, adults, families, etc. She used to work with schools and compagnies, on team building and incentives.
Ide-ô - reconnexion à la nature - bains de forêt
Dans la Vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

74310 Les Houches