Décollage du Prarion

in Les Houches

FFVL registered site. Direction : North East / West

Flying conditions : morning site. Thermals (early morning: easterly) or with a prevailing N.E. (“bise”) or light Foehn wind.

Dangers / Difficulties:
The summer take off has a track and obstacles in front - easily visible if you walk to the front of take off before launch.

In light Foehn conditions it may be possible to fly if the wind at take off is gentle. (the Foehn wind usually descends the valley at lower levels) but beware of turbulence ahead of the launch area.

The landing field is in the lee once the valley wind has become established (usually around 11h) making conditions variable & difficult – to be
avoided once the valley wind strengthens later in the day. The landing field is not visible from launch.

Winter – forbidden to take off on the piste. Possibility to take off from the plateau by the gondola station (beware cables). Ask the lift company for details.

Pilot Ability :Beginner to XC
Landing field: les Chavants. Pass by the Prarion lift ticket desks, turn right at the roundabout, follow the metalled road to the end. Do not enter the private,
gravel road. Please consult the notice board at the lift station for details.
Specific Rules: use of the landing field is highly sensitive & could easily be forbidden. Your attention & positive attitude will help further negotiations
and the full registration of this site. Please respect the indicated landing & packing areas. Do not drive upon or fold your glider (or even look at !) the small
track to the South of the landing field. A large free car park is set next to the lift station.
Variation: if the wind turns W or S.W.: see details for La Charme, Plancert or Grand Prarion all within 20 mins walk.

Starting point altitude
Free of charge.
Opening dates
All year round.
Open during lifts opening.
Décollage du Prarion

74310 Les Houches