Take off from Planpraz - Brévent

in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Practical: hang gliding, paragliding Orientation: south and northeast

Flight conditions : The site is useable from 8 am through to early afternoon.

Dangers / Difficulties
- To the left out from take off there are the Brevent cable car cables. Keep to the right & pass under the cables with a good margin.
- Once the conditions have become thermic, good pilot skill is required.
- Be aware that with West or North dominant weather winds in excess of 20 kph at 2 000 m you are flying in lee side conditions & can expect strong, turbulent conditions.
- For XC flights towards the Flegere, beware of horizontal cables for the Brevent – Flegere cable car in the Combe Lachenal at approx 1 700 m ASL.

Ability : Supervised beginner to XC pilot.

Landing field : Bois du Bouchet.
The landing field is not visible from launch. Be sure to visit the landing before taking the gondola. An emergency landing field is available at Clos du Savoy (turbulent with strong valley winds).

Specific rules :
- The Bois du Bouchet & Clos du Savoy fields are forbidden when there is snow on them (they become ski & XC ski pistes). Due to this the only available landing is the hang glider field at Bois du Bouchet (enclosed & turbulent) see the notice boards or local pilots for the exact dates of the restriction.
- Above the highest ridge to the right (W / NW) of launch, overflying at less than 1000 m above ground level is forbidden, Aiguilles Rouges nature reserve.

Starting point altitude
The ticket (Chamonix- Planpraz) by lift : 10,50 euro.
Opening dates
All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.
Take off from Planpraz - Brévent
Site de Planpraz
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

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