Teresa Kaufman photographe

in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Are you in need of a photographer to get your message across ? Teresa will provide you with the images to improve your communications.

It was back in the seventies when Teresa Kaufman began commercialising her photographs to interieur decorateurs looking for elegant and suggestive images to accompagny their architectural design.
Later on in France, she became interested, and even passionate, about documenting human-interest subjects in the traditional French humaniste tradition. From that came her successful book THERESE ET SES DEUX FRERES ( 3000 copies sold ) about the day to day life of a family of French farmers in the Alpes. Then came here collaboration with the British feline press and her 55 illustrated articles on traveling throughout France with her cats.
Yes, we can say that Teresa is indeed an independante photographer who knows how to adapt to the times.

Since 2011, with the digital revolution upon us, Teresa has been working for an eclectic selection of visitors, tourists and professionals who are keen to produce quality images for personal and commercial use.

If you are looking for photographs of mountains, Teresa will send you to one of her talented collegues in the Chamonix valley. But if you are looking for something a bit more personal, something that could serve your needs to communicate your image, commercialise your property or creation, then she just may be the person that you need to do the job.

Teresa Kaufman is an author-photographer, artist and photo-journaliste. Her speciality is photographing people in today’s lifestyle. Recently, she has been asked to photograph people with their pets. People at work. People in love. Or people and their creations. Her photographic work has been exposed in many of the photo festivals across Europe.
She is represented by the photo-agency BIOSPHOTO.

Don’t hesitate to contact Teresa to discuss your project so that she can draw up a personalised quote for your specific request.

PRICES : Quotes provided depending on the project
Available all year upon request.

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Teresa Kaufman photographe
Dans la vallée de Chamonix
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

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On site
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