Sledging area of Les Chavants

in Les Houches

A secure and groomed area at Les Chavants: a track for 2/6 year olds (small tortoise) and a track for over 6 year olds (small hare).

This area is strictly reserved for the practice of sledding and is open to the public. Children are under the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Respect the recommended age groups for the 2 runs. Wearing a helmet is recommended and use of the lift lanes. Do not use any equipment that is not designed for skiing (garbage bags). Ski shoes are not allowed.

Starting point altitude
minimum age
2 years old
Free access.
Opening dates
From 28/12 to 16/04.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.
Sledging area of Les Chavants
148 allée des dilligences
74310 Les Houches
The sledging area is right after the tennis courts.

Nearest bus stop : Le Prarion
Nearest train stop : Viaduc Sainte-Marie train stop
Nearest parking : Prarion / Les Chavants

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