Vallon de Bérard

in Vallorcine

Created in 1992, the Vallon de Bérard nature reserve has a surface area of 539 ha and culminates between 1,700 m and 2,965 m .

Located in the town of Vallorcine, the Vallon de Berard nature reserve completes the Aiguilles Rouges nature reserve. All the plant and animal formations of the montane, sub-alpine, alpine and snowy levels are represented.

The alpine level is the domain of the snowy combes and the small suspended glaciers, relics of the ice age.

The Vallon de Bérard is home to typical mountain fauna (ibex, chamois, ptarmigan, etc.) but it is also an important migration corridor where birds and insects link the Swiss Valais to the Rhone Valley.

Vallon de Bérard

74660 Vallorcine

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