The Barberine Waterfall trail

in Vallorcine

Nestled below the Emosson dam, this waterfall is well worth a visit when the river is in spate. Maison de Barberine: museum. Open in July and August.

At the end of the village, in the hamlet of Mollard, a path goes through the meadows and becomes a trail.
After the Nant du Rand (small stream), stay on the upper path that crosses the hillside: it joins the one coming from Barberine and goes up towards the stream where the waterfall is.

Return : by the same itinerary, through the village of Barberine, going down
about 100 m on the RD1506, then going up to the right in a clearing.
A few steps near the oratory allow you to pass over the tunnel
the tunnel of the SNCF track and to join the path of the Black Water which goes up on the right to

Notes : Interesting visit of the Maison de Barberine (Vallorcin museum), open in July and August, located at the exit of the village on the RD1506 side

More information available at the Tourist Office or the Office de Haute-Montagne and in our trail guide.
Attention : The conditions of the trails are likely to change, think of informing you before leaving.

Easy (valley bottom)
Starting point altitude
Highest point
Elevation gain
Elevation losses
Round trip timing
Free of charge.
Opening dates
All year round.
Access depending on meteorological conditions. For more information, contact the High Mountain Office of Chamonix: +33 (0)4 50 53 22 08. Website : (

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.
The Barberine Waterfall trail
Le Mollard
74660 Vallorcine
Closest train stop : Vallorcine train station
Closest parking : Barberine car-park

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