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Since the first ascent of Mont Blanc on August 8, 1786, by Jacques Balmat and Michel Gabriel Paccard, the Chamonix Valley and the Mont Blanc massif have attracted mountaineers from all over the world.

Mountaineering is not just about summiting peaks, but also about immersing yourself in an exceptional alpine environment, with its wildlife, flora, and specific weather phenomena. It is an activity that involves risks and therefore requires serious preparation, including training in mountain techniques, meticulous planning of routes, and constant vigilance in the face of changing mountain conditions.

For these reasons, you must be accompanied by a mountain professional!

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Before any outings in the mid and high mountains, find out about mountain conditions and contact the High mountain office - La Chamoniarde on 0033 4 50 53 22 08 ( hiking conditions, mountaineering, climbing, off-piste skiing, etc.).

Mont Blanc climbing

Find detailed information you absolutely need to know before attempting the ascent of Mont Blanc, thanks to the Chamoniarde office, which contributes to the development of mountain safety by being involved in prevention on a daily basis.

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