Domaine débutant du Tourchet

in Les Houches
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The ski area is closed due to lack of snow


For beginners, enjoy the Tourchet ski area in the centre of the village, ideal for learning how to ski.

Tobogganing is also available on a groomed track above the ice rink, under the full responsibility of the tobogganers or parents of children.

Night skiing from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Free entry for children < 5 years.

Full day €20
Half day €15
Half-day access to small ski lift 8€.

GLISSE&GLACE: 1 half-day at Domaine du Tourchet on the day of purchase
purchase + 1 entry with skates to the ice rink (to be used
within a week of purchase). Single price of €18.
Domaine débutant du Tourchet
55 avenue des Alpages
74310 Les Houches
Nearest bus stop: Le Tourchet - La Griaz
Nearest train stop: Les Houches train station
Nearest car park: Le Tourchet / Olca

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