Family activities in winter


What family activities are available during the winter season?

The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley offers a diverse range of winter activities that will appeal to the whole family. Whether you're thrill-seekers or seeking peaceful moments in the great outdoors, Chamonix has everything to satisfy both young and old.

Child-friendly skiing

The Chamonix Valley is committed to making skiing accessible to all family members, including the youngest ones. Special children's areas on the slopes ensure a gentle introduction to the joys of skiing. Beginner-friendly descents feature gentle slopes, allowing children to build confidence and have fun in a safe environment.

Each ski area in the valley offers its own beginner's area.

The ski areas at the bottom of the valley are all particularly well-suited for families.


The beginner ski areas at the bottom of the valley.

The beginner ski areas in the Chamonix Valley provide a perfect introduction to the world of skiing, combining spectacular landscapes with slopes tailored to the most basic levels. Whether you're a novice on skis or seeking a more relaxed experience, these areas are sure to win you over.

Les Planards

Close to the city center of Chamonix, Les Planards is a small area ideal for beginners. Its slopes are suitable for newcomers and also offer alternative activities such as the Alpine Coaster, an excellent option for those who prefer to take their time getting used to skis.

Le Savoy

In the heart of Chamonix, at the foot of Brévent, two ski lifts and a conveyor belt welcome beginners and children for their first turns

Le Tourchet

For beginners, the village of Les Houches also has the Tourchet slopes, located in the center of the village. An ideal space for learning to ski. It is also possible to practice sledging on a groomed track above the ice rink, under the full responsibility of the practitioners or parents for children.

La Vormaine

At the foot of the Balme Domain and the village of Le Tour, away from experienced skiers, everything is present at La Vormaine for confident progression: 4 progressive ski lifts, 3 wide green slopes, 1 blue forest trail, 1 playful area with learning modules, and 1 boardercross for the more adventurous!

Les Chosalets

This beginner ski area in Argentière is perfect for teaching skiing or snowboarding to both young and old! Our warm and family-friendly atmosphere is our success! Want to do something other than skiing? Want to entertain both young and old? Come try Snow Tubing! For your safety and that of skiers, we have a track exclusively reserved for sliding with our inflatable sledges, next to our ski slopes. There is also a groomed sledging track.

La Poya

A small family-friendly area with two ski lifts, a magic carpet for beginners, and a tow rope for the little ones. In Buet, in the municipality of Vallorcine, opposite the SNCF train station of the same name, this friendly area is a real playground for all types of sliding: alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowscoot. ESF children's garden, starting point for snowshoe walks and ski touring.

Les Houches

Located at a medium altitude, recognized as one of the best areas for beginners, the Les Houches-St Gervais domain offers wide and gentle slopes, ideal for learning the basics of skiing with confidence. Local ski schools provide lessons tailored to all levels, with experienced instructors.


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Family-friendly restaurants

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The Winter Star Activities!

Skiing and Snowboarding

Enthusiasts of winter sports will be delighted by the extensive ski areas of Chamonix and Les Houches, where slopes wind through snowy peaks. Families can enjoy descents suitable for all levels, from beginners to the more experienced. Local ski schools offer lessons for children, ensuring learning and safety on the snowy slopes.

Dog Sled Rides

Experience magic as a family by exploring snowy landscapes aboard a dog sled pulled by enthusiastic dogs. Experienced mushers will guide your family through picturesque winter forests, providing an adventure that is both playful and educational for children.

Valley Ice Rinks

For those who prefer a more relaxed glide, the outdoor ice rink in Les Houches is the perfect place. Surrounded by majestic peaks, this ice rink offers families the opportunity to skate in a picturesque setting, with skate rentals available on-site. A frosty experience that will delight both young and old.

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Are there ski slopes suitable for children in Chamonix?

The Chamonix Valley is committed to making skiing accessible to all family members, including the youngest ones. Special children's areas on the slopes ensure a gentle introduction to the joys of skiing. Beginner-friendly descents offer gentle slopes for children to build confidence and have fun safely.

Each ski area in the valley offers its beginner's space.

The cross-country skiing areas in the valley are all particularly well-suited for families.

Are there ski schools or programs for children in Chamonix?

Yes, in Chamonix, children can benefit from exceptional learning programs provided by reputable ski schools. Experienced instructors ensure that the youngest learn skiing techniques in a fun and educational manner. These programs often include interactive snow games, ensuring playful and memorable learning for young skiers.

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What are the recommended family-friendly restaurants in Chamonix during the winter season?

After a busy day on the slopes, there's nothing like a warm family meal. Chamonix is ​​filled with welcoming family-friendly restaurants, offering delicious cuisine to satisfy all palates. Options range from traditional restaurants serving authentic Savoyard cuisine to establishments offering international dishes. The friendly atmospheres and child-friendly menus make these restaurants perfect choices to conclude a day of winter adventures with the family.

In summary, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is more than just a renowned ski destination; it's a land of unforgettable family winter adventures. With activities suitable for all ages, secure ski slopes for children, professional ski schools, and welcoming restaurants, Chamonix promises magical moments for every family member during the winter season.