Parking du Tour - Balme

in Argentière

Paid outdoor parking, Charamillon gondola parking lot. Long-term parking during the summer season.

From 15/12/2023 to 14/04/2024

Day rate:
Less than an hour free, then from 1h to 1h15: €3
from 1h15 to 8h: +0.60€/15min
From 8am to 4pm: €0.40 per 15-minute period.

Night rate from 5pm to 1am: Less than 4 hours free, from 4am to 5.30am €0.30 per 15 minutes.
5.31am to 6am parking 0.20 / 15min.

24-hour parking period: €34.50

From 15/04/2024 to 14/12/2024
Less than one hour free then :
Day rate 7.30am to 7.30pm: up to 12 hours' parking: €0.10 per 15-minute period.

Night rate from 7.31 p.m. to 7.29 a.m.: Less than 4 hours free, from 4 a.m. to 5.30 a.m. €0.30 per 15 minutes.
Up to 6.15am parking: €0.10 per 15 minutes, then from 6.15am to 12 hours parking: €0 per 15 minutes.

24-hour parking period: €7.30.
Opening dates
All year round.
Parking du Tour - Balme
Village du Tour
74400 Argentière
Nearest bus stop: Le Tour
Nearest train station: Montroc

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