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Publié le 16/08/2021
Randonner avec son chien


For those who visit the Chamonix valley, accompanied by their faithful four-legged companions, there are many hiking itineraries for all levels of ability.
Dogs are most welcome, but it is essential that their owners respect the regulations and the boundaries of the Nature Reserves which are prohibited to dogs.

Sur les hauteurs de la vallée de Chamonix


Hiking with dogs: Public transport, lifts and cog railways

Dogs are accepted on all public transport (buses and trains) within the Chamonix valley, but they must be kept on a lead. A ticket is required on the train (50% of normal rate). Certain breeds of dog must wear a muzzle on public transport and the controller may refuse access to owners not respecting this requirement.

Dogs are accepted on all the lifts and cog railways with the exception of the two sections of the Aiguille du Midi cable car and the Index chairlift (above the Flégère).

Mont-Blanc Express Train

Hiking with dogs: Respect regulations and the environment

It is very important that dogs stay on the established trails. If they leave the path and go off in all directions, in addition to endangering themselves, they may scare away certain animals, sometimes causing them to permanently abandon their habitat and their offspring.

Dogs are prohibited in nature reserves, even on a leash. A hiking map is available from the Tourist Offices of the Valley and the limits of the reserves are clearly indicated. One can also find out about hiking conditions from the Office de Haute Montagne in Chamonix

Herds of cows, sheep and goats are present on certain mountain pastures. In some cases, to protect the animals from predators, specially trained guard dogs remain with the animals. When approaching a herd, dogs must be kept on a leash, and the herd should be given as wide a berth as possible.

Guard dogs are not aggressive towards hikers or dogs on a leash, but one should avoid startling or scaring them.

Troupeau de moutons à Pormenaz

Hiking with dogs: adapting to its level of fitness

Although dogs will invariably follow their masters anywhere without making a fuss, it is important to consider the dog's physical capacities when planning a hike.

Here are some good practices to ensure the animal's well-being and safety:

  •  Make sure the dog has frequent access to water, especially in hot weather.
  •  Moisten it from time to time to cool it down when temperatures are high.
  •  In cold conditions, remember to cover the dog and protect it during breaks.
  •  Pay attention when crossing obstacles that could be perilous for the animal. Dogs will follow their guide, so the owner must anticipate, be attentive and guide it correctly.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to take off at their will. If they pick up the scent of a trail, they may find themselves facing a dangerous animal or in a perilous posture like the edge of a cliff.

Chien Trélechamp


Alongside the Arve river at the foot of the valley, there are numerous easy trails where dogs can be walked with or without a leash (depending on the location). There is always the possibility of taking the train or the bus for the return journey.

The hikes on the Northern and Southern Petits Balcons offer beautiful outings along the flanks of the valley, perfectly adapted to the whole family.

Balcon sud Chamonix

Other walking suggestions by village :


Le Lac Vert: Easy hike / return time 1h45
Tête de la Fontaine: Easy hike / return time 2h
Les Trois Gouilles: Easy hike / return time 2h

Lac Vert


Charousse: Easy hike / return time 1h
Col de la Forclaz: Medium difficulty / return time 2h45
Chalets de Chailloux: Medium difficulty / return time 2h

Chalets de Charousse


The Granite Trail: Easy hike / return time 1h30
La Cascade du Dard: Intermediate hike / return time 2h
Bel-Lachat: Difficult hike / return time 5h40
Chalet de Caillet: Medium difficulty / return time 3h

Grand Balcon Sud


Le Chapeau: Medium difficulty / return time 2h40
Point de Vue: Medium difficulty / return time 4h
Aiguillette des Posettes: Difficult / return time 4h15

Point de Vue, glaicer d'Argentière


Cascade de Berard: Easy hike / return time 0h50
Cascade de Barberine: Easy hike / return time 1h30
Alpage de Loriaz: Difficult / return time 4h10

Alpage de Loriaz

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